Cajolery [noun]

Definition of Cajolery:

influencing to do, believe

Synonyms of Cajolery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cajolery:

Sentence/Example of Cajolery:

Catherine redoubled in care and cajolery of her father-in-law, being well aware that her sole support was in him.

Her mission is confined to the Western Hemisphere, and over its borders no insult, no cajolery will avail to tempt her.

By various means of cajolery and trickery, Kelly contrived to accomplish his design.

Quit when you like and make it up with cajolery was a motto that Elliott had found very useful.

Can it be possible that he believes that proclamation will be acceptable to them—that mixture of cajolery and bombast.

As Blue Beard proceeded her face lost its look of wicked cajolery; she became sad, almost menacing.

This was a stroke of genius, but the genius of instinct, for Barrie had no experience in the art of cajolery.

The merchant seated him at table and took to plying him with liquor—tried every possible kind of invitation and cajolery on him.

Our most tactful cajolery she met with suspicion and disdain, if not with open ridicule.

Not a rag of clothing was in sight, and no cajolery or promise of reward could persuade the ship's men into supplying his need.