Felicitation [noun]

Definition of Felicitation:

expression of approval

Synonyms of Felicitation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Felicitation:


Sentence/Example of Felicitation:

Your felicitation, benign, though doubtless gold at heart, is set in a doubtful frame.

It has been suggested that we send him a wireless despatch of appreciation and felicitation in the name of the association.

Shouts arose, trumpets blew their blasts, and each lady waved her handkerchief, in felicitation of the happy union.

A library has no especial reason for self-felicitation simply because it distributes a large number of books.

With some faltered excuse for getting out of the room, the subject of this untimely felicitation escaped.

There was another gay burst of felicitation, after which Carlisle became somewhat silent.

Mackenzie saw him blend into the gloom of early morning with a feeling of self-felicitation on his act of yesterday.

He came up with stilted phrases of felicitation which sent Jeff instantly back into his impenetrable shell of silence.

Her bright look at Robin Drummond was full of sympathetic admiration, of felicitation.

It has been my duty, my—ah—cheerful duty to call upon the winners of large prizes and to offer the felicitation of the company.