Besmirched [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Besmirched:

Because the injustice and absurdity of English law had distorted and besmirched her own perfectly legitimate action.

Nowhere was there a cloud—a speckless day in the middle of a week that had threatened to keep the sky besmirched.

We know a butcher whose children are not merely dirty—they are fearfully and wonderfully besmirched by the hand of an artist.

The stove smoked a great deal and the white walls were soon besmirched with a layer of soot.

Quite close to the young lovers a heathen cut down a Christian who was carrying the besmirched head of a Muse.

One tall joker so besmirched scrawled upon a wall, with his finger dipped in muddy wine lees, "Blood!"

Unmourned and besmirched the last of the Oxford toasts has long since passed beyond the judgment of man.

The history of garrison towns, sad to relate, seems always to be besmirched with scandals having their origin among the soldiers.

Dishonoured, besmirched, she seemed to herself, a prey to each and any man that waylaid her path.

I feel as if this family dishonor has besmirched me so that I long to bathe, body and soul, in the clear lake waters.