Silk [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Silk:

A hinge creaked, but it was no louder than the rustle of silk against silk.

Get it ready for canning by husking it and removing the silk.

The work-room of a silk factory affords a curious spectacle.

I secretly hoped for a silk, but Mother, to whom I suppose I am even now—now!

If you'd been onto your job, things would have been smooth as silk.

Never before had the chasubles she embroidered been so resplendent with silk and gold.

Outside in the aisle stood a man with a silk hat in his hand.

He rubbed his hand over its silk surface and listened to the sound it made.

To be a gentleman was a matter of silk breeches and perukes and late hours?

"Fine as silk," replied the sergeant from his own heap of shucks.