Tissue [noun]

Definition of Tissue:

netted material

Synonyms of Tissue:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tissue:


Sentence/Example of Tissue:

She lined the hat with, tissue paper and then, put it on his head again.

The covers were electrified and clung to him like tissue to rubbed amber.

He was wrapping the beautiful smell again in the tissue wrappings.

He pointed to the ring and the bit of tissue paper on the table.

Still staring, Lépine handed him the second sheet of tissue.

Which goes to prove that the "tissue paper world" is yet of heroic fibre.

I heard it, and from the beginning to the end it was a tissue of vulgarity and falsehood.

Achromatic: free from color; tissue that does not stain readily.

Yet I took up my shovel again with a body that rebelled in every tissue.

The third covering was a wrapper of tissue paper, which was spread out in its turn.