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When you wear a mask – even a cloth mask – you typically are exposed to a lower dose of the coronavirus than if you didn’t.

Surgical masks are not as protective as N95s, but they do shield the wearer from droplets and fluids better than the now ubiquitous cloth masks—3% to 25% better, depending on the study.

Although all trainees and staff were required to wear cloth masks, campers were not.

Many cloth masks you can buy today are made of simple cotton, but the World Health Organization recommends that non-medical fabric masks have three layers of fabric, each made of a different material to serve a different protective role.

In addition to paper, kirigami can reshape sheets of wood, cloth or metal.

Even low-effectiveness cloth masks that block only 20 percent of viral particles could cut transmission rates by a third, provided 80 percent of people wore the coverings, the researchers estimate.

The team’s work is an “excellent study that adds more to our understanding of cloth masks,” says Raina MacIntyre.

Those findings are important, but may not say how well cloth masks will work.

He thrust the Cardinal's mantle into it, and stood over the smouldering cloth, till the whole was consumed to ashes.

Her eyes were not nearly as soft as they had been, while she picked up the hanging folds of pink cloth, and went on.