Twill [noun]

Definition of Twill:


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Sentence/Example of Twill:

I have no great amount to leave you, but 'twill be comfortable so far as it goes.

Sit you in it, and 'twill be all the same as if I sat there myself.

Once let the news get out 'twill grow to a hundred thousand afore night.

I rather guess 'twill be Henry himself that's surprised fust.

"But 'twill cost so like the dickens to furnish it," I says.

"'Deed no, and 'twill he better for both of you," said my landlady.

Let her holler; 'twill do her good and keep her in practice for Come-Outer meetin'.

"'Twill take a shrewd rogue to better me," his lordship agreed.

"Twill clearly be difficult," answered Crispin, with a laugh.

"Keep your distance, sir, or 'twill be the worse for you," he threatened.