Fabrics [noun]

Definition of Fabrics:

cloth, material

Synonyms of Fabrics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fabrics:


Sentence/Example of Fabrics:

He said that his intention was not merely to relieve dissenters, but likewise to provide for the fabrics of the church.

The coverings were often made of the finest fabrics, dyed the most brilliant colors and worked with figures of gold.

Besides its uses for combing, it is extensively manufactured into blankets, carpeting, and many other fabrics.

The hot acid will not hurt the hands or fabrics, nor the glass, but should be kept from children who might drink of it.

But, owing to subsequent and unforeseen occurrences, the benefit intended by it to wool and woollen fabrics had not been realized.

The females occupy themselves in sewing hides, or spinning rude fabrics.

It was not, as he had afterward supposed, a dye for fabrics.

Some were of artificial fabrics, and dyed in various and splendid hues.

Other manufacturers use fabrics prepared with hot solutions by ordinary dyers.

Woven fabrics have been found in the Swiss lake dwellings, in Scandinavia, and in nearly all parts of Europe.