Unuttered [adjective]

Definition of Unuttered:


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Sentence/Example of Unuttered:

"It is the law," said the latter, apparently replying to an unuttered question.

"I 'll tell you why not," said Maitland, replying to the unuttered question.

And his one unuttered prayer was: "Dear God, make me worthy, make me worthy of them—all!"

There was an unuttered sob in her voice, though she sought to choke it back.

That was the burden of the unuttered cry which filled his whole being.

But her hand fell again, and her lips shut on unuttered words.

A torrent of imprecation rose to his lips, but he left it unuttered.

Yet she lay still, separate, at peace, and the words were unuttered.

All this was in the air, unuttered, and even imperfectly present in unconsciousness.

Unuttered, it caught the skirts of the Idea: it evaporated when spoken.