Torrential [adjective]

Definition of Torrential:


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Sentence/Example of Torrential:

From this cloud, fell a torrential rain, in which were hundreds of mussels.

They rode off in a hailstorm that gradually became a torrential rain.

There will be floods again if the rain continues so torrential.

He whirls his readers off their feet by the torrential flow of his argument.

When they are all, as it were, turned on together, the effect is torrential!

How torrential is the stream of invective which issues against some fellow-laborer!

It is the rule of the torrential river which sometimes overflows, and then runs dry.

His clothes hung on him as though he had been caught in a torrential rain.

Torrential streams tend first to excavate, then to raise, their beds.

They have also been regarded as the result of torrential action.