Ousting [verb]

Definition of Ousting:

expel, get rid of

Synonyms of Ousting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ousting:







Take in




Sentence/Example of Ousting:

Once in, no effort of the untamed beast could succeed in ousting him from his seat.

In our straining to be rid of all artificiality we were ousting art and beauty too.

For a whim, for a wager, for the triumph of ousting a rival.

Do I understand that I am to press this claim with a view of ousting these parties?

When did he ever go down to low-water-mark, to make an ousting of tide-waiters?

Whether in anticipation of his decease, or with the design of ousting him, is not clear.

St. Bernard complained that the law of Justinian was ousting the law of God.

I ask you to drink the health of one of the youngsters who are ousting us.

The King was greatly surprised that the Virginians had dared defy him by ousting their duly appointed Governor.

Mr. Gladstone succeeded in ousting Lord Dalkeith from the representation of Midlothian by a respectable majority.