Apocalypse [noun]

Definition of Apocalypse:

mass destruction

Synonyms of Apocalypse:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apocalypse:

Sentence/Example of Apocalypse:

The new Extreme Battery Saver mode pares down your apps to exactly what you need and can stretch out battery life up to 48 hours in case you get lost in the woods or the zombie apocalypse happens.

In what some saw as a publicity stunt and others as a sign of an imminent robot apocalypse, OpenAI initially chose not to publicly release the text generator.

You’ve been preaching a job-loss apocalypse due to automation.

Instead, we got a job-loss apocalypse nationally, globally due to a pandemic.

The sun, pale in the midst of a strange sickly transparence, lighted up this outline of the Apocalypse.

It also possessed one of the earliest of the block-books, the Apocalypse.

But a clear and direct allusion to this last grouping of the constellations occurs in the Apocalypse.

And behold I saw, said the seer of the Apocalypse, as if it were a sea of glass mingled with fire.

This Ten-Weeks Apocalypse, therefore, we take to be the work of the writer of the rest of xci.-civ.

Pret′erist, one who holds the prophecies of the Apocalypse already fulfilled; Pret′eriteness.