Obliteration [noun]

Definition of Obliteration:


Opposite/Antonyms of Obliteration:

Sentence/Example of Obliteration:

Obliteration of a portion of the Urethra, remedied by an operation.

There was no springing to her side; no rapture of declared affection; no obliteration of her shame.

The obliteration of Desire is the first aim of the Buddhist.

Moses seeks the obliteration of his name, unless Israel was pardoned.

Nothing but fish stands between their town and obliteration.

Do you not see that the obliteration of it is the brand upon the forehead of morality?

One of these was the obliteration of thrift from the minds of the French people.

The obstacles which stand in the way of this obliteration, at the outset, are two.

It was the survival of the fittest, the obliteration of the superfluous; but it was hard.

There had been no obliteration, because there had been no tending.