Greeted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Greeted:

We ate snacks and listened to music and played with her dog, and whenever someone tried on a new outfit they were greeted with a chorus of affirmation and applause.

Two weeks later, Jan Morris flew back to England, where she was greeted by Elizabeth.

He greeted them with a smile on his face and a dead horseshoe crab dangling from his hand.

As I broke through a murky surface layer of river water into the blue gulf water beneath, I was greeted by two amberjacks swimming straight toward me.

It’s fair to say that whatever Sucker Punch does next, it’ll be greeted just as warmly as they’ve made us feel with “Ghost of Tsushima.”

Just promise her that, when home entertaining returns, you will never greet your guests by calling over your shoulder, “Honey, the Cartwrights are here” and punctuating it with a gulp from said glass.

Then she would collect herself, climb out from the blankets and greet her boyfriend who could hear her through the walls in the next room.

Then there was the marriage to backup dancer Kevin Federline, also in 2004, which lasted two and a half years and was greeted by what E!

On Thursday, Jean stood to greet everyone coming into the church and acted as if she was hearing every story for the first time.

He expected he would find out his new team, greet Commissioner Roger Goodell and celebrate.