Spectators [noun]

Definition of Spectators:

person who watches event

Synonyms of Spectators:

Opposite/Antonyms of Spectators:

Sentence/Example of Spectators:

To the end of the lives of the spectators, it was a tale of wonder.

Wagons halted in front of the locality, and were soon piled with spectators.

Messenio announces an auction and invites the spectators to attend.

The spectators cheered, called their names, waved their chlamyses and himations.

No, nor spectators enough, if we tried to get up a comedy, added Altamont.

This was prize day as they called it, and Sheelah and Moriarty were among the spectators.

Among the laughter of the spectators was one that became contagious.

The two spectators started forward, but she stayed them with a motion of her hand.

It was at this time that a diversion came to the spectators.

The spectators recoiled, aghast with indignant astonishment.