Grinning [verb]

Definition of Grinning:

smile widely

Synonyms of Grinning:





Opposite/Antonyms of Grinning:


Sentence/Example of Grinning:

Some, such as those belonging to turtles, look like a wizened, puckered grin.

While standing on home plate, Ng crossed her hands and wore the faintest of grins.

During an interview he was friendly and talkative, with a wide grin and neatly combed light brown hair.

Leaving Howlet and Meadows grinning at a highly improbable adventure, he slapped the boy on the shoulder.

The Danes were staring at him also, and he was grinning at them with white teeth through thick lips in all unconcern.

You get an ordinary, grinning, red-headed boy, and you have to educate him.

Letting the rifle drop and swing from the pommel, he met the charge of two grinning and scowling lancers.

His teeth were of the most pearly whiteness, and he made a constant display of them, grinning and chattering continually.

The principles of liberty were the scoff of every grinning courtier, and the Anathema Maranatha of every fawning dean.

So it happened that a few days later there disembarked from the river steamer a grinning quartette of boys.