Chained [verb]

Definition of Chained:

manacle in metal

Synonyms of Chained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chained:

Sentence/Example of Chained:

I find myself chained to the foot of a woman, my noble Cornelia would despise!

The man was raving mad, and the captain was obliged to have him bound hand and foot, and chained to the mast.

Then he chained and locked the filling station man to the steel cross member of the wash rack.

The yearning solicitude in the woman's eyes, the infinite pity on her face, chained him and drove all other thoughts away.

It would be interesting to have a complete list of the various books still to be found chained to desks in our ancient churches.

Why should a woman of her gifts, of her opportunities, be chained for life to this commonplace man, now that her passion was over?

His only chance for life lay in immediate flight, but his feet were chained together and fastened to the ground.

Ursi edged warily toward Clark as if he were a ferocious but chained beast.

When the Church will say to those myriads of people, chained down to the glebe: 'Go!

The corpse of Bezenecq the Rich was chained to the gridiron above the dying embers of the coal fire.