Deterred [verb]

Definition of Deterred:

check, inhibit from action

Synonyms of Deterred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deterred:

Sentence/Example of Deterred:

Problems in dynamical systems can take years to solve, but that doesn’t deter Kra.

The use of thermal camera networks to deter poachers isn’t necessarily new.

“I’m certainly shaken, but not deterred,” Sankey said during a conference call with reporters Wednesday, reacting to the four SEC games postponed because of struggles to contain the coronavirus.

Some of the women said the threats ultimately strengthened their resolve to run for office, but many worried that the hostile treatment they’d received would deter others in the future.

However, they will still develop antibodies which will help their immune system to deter future infections.

Other, non-lethal methods have been found to be successful in deterring wolves, including fences with dangling red flags called “fladry” and guard dogs.

Neither bad Rays strategy nor Turner’s postgame folly should deter us from understanding what we just saw.

So if you’re just trying to deter nuisance Zoombombings of an online high school history class, end-to-end encryption is probably overkill.

My takeaway is they are out there with the community, not to try to be throwing out fines and deter kids from paying.

They’ve also tightened restrictions on voter misinformation and intimidation, labeling and in some cases removing posts aimed at deterring people from voting.