Tethered [verb]

Definition of Tethered:


Synonyms of Tethered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tethered:

Sentence/Example of Tethered:

He dismounted, tethered the horse and stretched his own limbs, weary from riding.

The men will spread their blankets on the piazzas, and the horses will be tethered in the grounds.

General Jackson, tethered to a rusty ring at the back, whinnied a welcome.

To the rear of this vehicle "General Jackson" was tethered by a halter.

Mr. Hammond led her to where George Washington was tethered.

The child was tethered to the chair as usual and talking to the world according to its wont.

Fifanti's mule, I have since reflected, was tethered near the steps.

He sped down the lawn towards the orchard, where his horse was tethered.

He found his own hiding-place a mile away from where he had tethered the animal.

He looked back from where he tethered the mules for the night, but she had not moved.