Encircled [verb]

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The building’s east side had been cleared of all protesters and encircled in barricades.

These currents, which stretch from the eastern seaboard across to southern Europe and northern Africa, encircle a region known as the Sargasso Sea.

This is likely because the cookies are in a soft container, so they’re not as easily jostled, and the baggies can be thoroughly encircled with bubble wrap.

Theories of solar system formation predict that most planets are born in a disk of gas and dust that encircles a young star.

Further, booms — floating curtains made of plastic or other materials that serve as barriers to contain oil — could be used to encircle the vessel before it sinks, he said.

It was encircled by a ditch, but the drawbridge was down, and the rust on its chains argued that long had it been so.

In the outer part of the garden, especially towards the north-west, a thick border of trees encircled it, as with a frame.

With her all-powerful and elastic muscles she encircled and oppressed her mount, clawing with two great talons at his breast.

He was not of the Allied Patrol nor of any branch of the police force that encircled the world in its operations.

In the center of the encircled valley a lake shimmered blue as the sky, and about that lake was a city.