Stayed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Stayed:

Then you could have stayed in the factory, and got your wages regularly every week.

If only she could have stayed there with Mimi; but in the end she had to go back to the drawing-room.

After she had gone he kept on coming more than ever, and he stayed overnight.

But Allister slid out of his saddle and Dozier stayed in his.

He might have stayed his hand then, but for the gusty rage that swept him on to the crime.

She decided that she would gauge what happened by the length of time John stayed.

To ensure rigidity the rudder must be stayed with guy wires.

Bill didn't care for it—even if he had lived, he'd never have stayed here.

I stayed for a few minutes alone, to decide upon what I ought to say and do.

A fine life we should have led, had he stayed amongst us, God bless him!