Nest [noun]

Definition of Nest:


Synonyms of Nest:

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Sentence/Example of Nest:

The guillemot makes no nest, merely laying a single egg on a ledge.

The Egret settled to her nest again and the Pelican went on with the story.

She was shaking the nest of a field mouse from one of the side pockets.

How sweetly he sang to the mother bird while she sat upon the nest!

You saw no Sammons in that damned snake's nest, I'll be bound!

It was a nest built into the rock, its back sitting snugly there.

The place was cold as a barn, an' it looked like a hurrah's nest.

He went a-peekin' an' a-pryin' round my ears, as if he'd found a hornet's nest.

At the top of the tragic trees I should not find the Angel's Nest.

I should only find the Mare's Nest; the dreamy and divine nest is not there.