Knavish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Knavish:

To his bourgeois mind, for all his imitation of the Chicago martyr, my words must have sounded knavish.

Side by side with Arlecchino goes his more astute and knavish brother Brighella.

Evermore is parade and obsequiousness suspectable: it must show either a foolish head, or a knavish heart.

Gangs could afford to corrupt witnesses or to pay knavish lawyers skilled in applying these vagaries of legislation.

Thinking it well beneath me to measure words with this knavish pettifogger, I looked beyond him and spoke to his master.

A single fanatical or knavish priest, listened to by a credulous and powerful prince, suffices to put a state in disorder.

"I fail to see why he need take any roundabout lane to get at such a knavish result," Harvey suggested.

And even if it were possible to win her, honor and duty, which I have always held sacred, would keep me from such a knavish trick.

Rome under the dying glories of the empire scarcely parallels its knavish gluttonies of illegal seizure.

If man's soul is not subject to material conditions, why do I find knavish souls?