Disunited [verb]

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Is it your intention to marshal all the clans of all the advanced women and lead them against the more occupied and disunited sex?

They could get no satisfactory answer from Aranjuez, where the vacillating, terrified, and disunited court now was.

Victory itself, but that it is victory, could not gain more—scarce so much, when won with unwilling and disunited forces.

The French were hostile, and the barons disunited, without leaders, and helpless.

The reality, or the suspicion, of a conspiracy disarmed and disunited the Italians.

It was not probably till after the historian and the bard had been long disunited, that the latter ventured at pure fiction.

The old worn-out system for a disunited Germany of 39 jealous states is to be swept away.

Society is so disunited, that it is daily becoming more vulgar, in the literal sense of the word.

He believed that the local elections prevented capital being employed, and disunited the people.

When the nation is disunited, the detached segment becomes a different kind of body.