Ransacking [verb]

Definition of Ransacking:

turn inside out in search; ravage

Opposite/Antonyms of Ransacking:

Sentence/Example of Ransacking:

And my sister, who was always good-natured, carried me off to ransack her wardrobe.

There isn't an other one like her if you were to ransack the islands all round the compass.

You have had the impertience to ransack it in my absence this afternoon.

Glavour will ransack the Earth rather than be cheated of one he has marked for his prey.

Then the desperadoes went back and began to ransack the stores.

To pillage; but to ransack the hold is merely to overhaul its contents.

Not lost, for I will ransack the land till I find thee again.

Search for her, ransack the city, do anything; my property is at your disposal.

But ransack as they might, not a trace of the fugitive could be found.

Sir Watty permitted the men to enter and ransack one of these farm-places.