Demolishing [verb]

Definition of Demolishing:

destroy; consume

Synonyms of Demolishing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Demolishing:

Sentence/Example of Demolishing:

The car dashed over the embankment, demolishing many yards of stone wall and coming to rest in a valley hundreds of feet beneath.

At other places, exasperated at the chiefs of the episcopal party, the communiers were demolishing their fortified houses.

For the flood had gone tearing through the city, wrecking, smashing, demolishing everything in its pathway.

At night the outrages began by the demolishing the Mass-house near Lincolns Inn.

But the old man knew his ground, and moved easily among his ideas, demolishing the enemy as he appeared, with jaunty grace.

Backward the twanging cable snapped, demolishing with one touch a score of the clustering Orconites.

But, before firing, the gunner made signal to the men to escape, contenting himself with demolishing their breastwork.

The honor of demolishing the weavers of long tales shall be left to Cowper.

If we succeeded in demolishing these Reformed Councils you will find the whole nation astir with life.

A hungry man capable of demolishing a ten ounce loaf—a siege product—in ten bites might well echo wherefore indeed!