Disorders [noun]

Definition of Disorders:

chaos, clutter

Synonyms of Disorders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disorders:

Sentence/Example of Disorders:

All of this was on full display at the 2020 Republican National Convention, which brought up the riots again and again as an example of disorder caused by a Democrat-backed movement.

The alignment reduced the disorder in the system — disorder measured by a quantity called entropy.

About 6 percent of college students report having a severe gambling disorder resulting in psychological difficulties, unmanageable debt, failing grades, all these bad things.

Our aging process extends for years, during which we experience a slew of age-related disorders.

Thanks to its structurally-sound architecture down to individual cells, the atlas can contribute to brain modeling and simulation down the line—especially for personalized brain models for neurological disorders such as seizures.

As the gene is carried on the X chromosome, the disorder primarily affects boys.

We already know that disrupting the “scaffold” proteins of synapses can cause many brain disorders, but how these communities change over time is truly mysterious, the authors explained.

For instance, EEGs can identify abnormal brainwaves seen in people with certain disorders.

In the cases of the emergency department, we had to get all of our doctors X-waivered just to be able to write the occasional prescription for somebody who has opioid-use disorder.

That’s a genetic disorder, typically striking young boys, who rarely survive into their twenties.