Unsustained [adjective]

Definition of Unsustained:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unsustained:

Sentence/Example of Unsustained:

Could she live on, unsustained by the hope of seeing her lover?

He, therefore, for the time, considered his hypothesis as unsustained.

It lingered on, unsustained by the country and despised by its enslavers.

We suffer in His company, sustained by His comfort; He suffered uncomforted and unsustained.

It was before the days of chloroform, and, unsustained by any opiate, the poor cur suffered with uncomplaining heroism.

But it is unsustained by a single shadow of evidence, beyond the bare assertion of interested witnesses.

His thoughts were at Kaskaskia, Vincennes, Louisville, where his unsustained garrisons were suffering for food and clothing.

The story is intrinsically improbable and unsustained by respectable authority.

It was hoped that the "Dallas Clarendon treaty" of 1856 would settle all disputes, but this hope was unsustained by events.

Pawing in the valley is a dangerous pastime on smooth ice, and unsustained by hind legs.