Climbing [verb]

Definition of Climbing:

crawl, move up

Synonyms of Climbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Climbing:

Sentence/Example of Climbing:

He said something laughingly to the head guide to the effect that climbing was good sport and a fine test for the nerves.

A cocoanut-tree, as you probably remember, has no branches whatever to give any help to a person in climbing.

Do you think he must go down to the ground again and go through all the work he had in climbing the first tree?

She did not yet know how necessary climbing might be, in her new country life, but her aspirations did not tend that way.

The tourist climbing tna, or Vesuvius' rugged side, puffs on though they perchance have long since ceased to smoke.

He is actually climbing the roof, to make sure every old, worn-out shingle is replaced by a new one.

Through the pines on the eastward ridge the moon was climbing, and now the white road stretched away before me.

Climbing a fence he quickly made his way to the road over which the cavalry must pass.

Their path here separated, Mrs. Martin following the downward course of the sandy lane, and Dorothy climbing the hill.

At last the climbing trail dipped into a level tangent just below the top of the mountain.