Intervention [noun]

Definition of Intervention:

the act of intervening

Synonyms of Intervention:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intervention:


Sentence/Example of Intervention:

With so much research to wade through, it’s hard to know what to trust — and I say that as someone who makes a living researching what types of interventions motivate people to change their behaviors.

Researchers have rightly realized that individual variation is just as important as the average response to an intervention.

He will try to avoid using his military for an overt intervention, fearful that this would provoke another round of Western sanctions.

That kind of legal intervention would take unprecedented advocacy.

The ability to measure and detect it could help identify those at risk and pave the way for new kinds of interventions.

It concluded, like previous studies, that the most effective strategy is to combine interventions.

In that way, “cohorting is an unsung hero of public health intervention,” Blaisdell says.

The heavy ads intervention update comes as advertisers, publishers and ad tech companies are preparing for Chrome ending support for third-party cookies, set for 2022.

The Feel app connects users to real-time insights and proven interventions, including mood journaling and breathing exercises.

I cannot see in science, nor in experience, nor in history any signs of such a God, nor of such intervention.