Mediation [noun]

Definition of Mediation:

attempt to bring to agreement

Synonyms of Mediation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mediation:

Sentence/Example of Mediation:

If you have any favour to hope for, it must be from the mediation of your uncles.

And again: 'That if you have any favour to hope for, it must be by the mediation of your uncles.'

She had some faint hopes that his mediation might save Charles, but they were very slight.

The thought is essentially that of mediation—one pleading for another.

The Courts of Petersburg and Vienna have offered their mediation.

Then, Monsieur, be brief and state the sum of this mediation.

"Begorra, I'm willn'," cried Kerry, grasping at the mediation.

His mediation in this instance was, however, wholly ineffectual.

He then again besought of their Lordships the mediation in his behalf.

The world will be united only through the mediation of its daily practical needs.