Elan [noun]

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Daim is the French for deer, and cerf for stag; elan is the true term, when one would speak of an elk.

On the north lay the river Elan and on the south the steep side of a mountain towered up against the luminous sky.

The journey from Rhayader to Cwm Elan, a distance of five miles up the valley of the little river, is very beautiful.

Von Bar noticed hippobosci on the elan, during his residence in Knigsberg.

In these works the musician finds nerve, sparkle, elan, and brightness combined with technical charm and richness of thought.

What is this elan-vital, that a little fall in temperature would banish altogether from the universe?

How is the mounted infantryman, lacking the elan and spirit of the cavalryman, to meet the situation?

Yet this alone cannot assure efficiency in training or a battle elan which is the result of proper training methods.

He couldn't remain in one body more than a month: it would mean the final death of his elan, his bodiless sentience.

The deal also is, every inhabited world has a body waiting for his elan in cold storage.