Invigoration [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Invigoration:

Breathing this air of the young sun's kiss of earth, his invigoration repelled the seductions of the burnt Oriental gums.

Insight is not sadness, but invigoration,—is no sob or spasm, but clearness in the eye and calmness in the breast.

To the one who believes not, nothing happens beyond the cleansing of his body and its invigoration.

For invigoration or revitalizing, resort must be made to its primitive blood cause.

Three days later, Tom was rejoiced by symptoms of invigoration in his patient.

Still, did not get much refreshment or invigoration for the day's work, and felt accordingly.

Invigoration has come out of that which threatened life and joy out of that which made for sorrow.

In everything but trade we have missed the invigoration of foreign rivalry.

The system needs this means of invigoration as regularly as it does new supplies of food.

By this change, there is mental relaxation attended with invigoration of the cerebral organ.