Nationalism [noun]

Definition of Nationalism:

love of one's country

Synonyms of Nationalism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nationalism:


Sentence/Example of Nationalism:

The freaks of nationalism are as remarkable as the freaks of internationalism.

Have we not sons to advance and daughters to marry in the world, and how much will Nationalism do for these?

It begins now to be plain as to what “tolerance” is to be in the millennial era of nationalism.

If that be nationalism, then, of course, we are all nationalists.

Take this feature away, and there is no nationalism left to even talk about.

Just like patriotism used to be, back in the days of nationalism.

These feelings are the affective basis of the idea of nationalism.

We still recognize as fundamental the whole spirit of nationalism.

Nationalism, national honor and patriotism are studied as causes of war.

For the conditions of our civil life did not permit us to cultivate a spirit of nationalism.