Chauvinism [noun]

Definition of Chauvinism:

extreme devotion to a belief or nation

Synonyms of Chauvinism:

Opposite/Antonyms of Chauvinism:


Sentence/Example of Chauvinism:

They furnished a vivid but rather aggravating explanation for the existing backwardness and chauvinism of the commonwealth.

Our one desire was to get back to America, and we regarded Europe with the most ignorant chauvinism and contempt.

He never stooped to pietistic clap-trap, or chanted the jaunty chauvinism that has so often caused the Hoosier stars to blink.

The old dregs of Chauvinism, stirred by the Bonapartists, discharge their muddy waters.

In Japan, opinion ranged from imperialistic chauvinism to liberal recognition of the consortium as a way out of the mess.

Chauvinism flourishes exceedingly on the soil of national conceit.

That patriotism may degenerate into a vice is shown by the invention of a name for the vice: chauvinism.

So exactly, mutatis mutandis, do German and English chauvinism coincide.

The country which has since been the birthplace of Chauvinism, put away national pride almost with passion.

Towards the end of the year a wave of feeling amounting almost to Chauvinism swept over the country in musical affairs.