Materialization [noun]

Definition of Materialization:


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Sentence/Example of Materialization:

Materialization, for example, is unusual; but if it happens it cannot be supernatural.

There are thousands of other well-authenticated cases of materialization.

I am a clairvoyant and trance-medium, with materialization as a specialty.

That was the beginning of what spiritualists call the "science of materialization."

The difference between his ideal and his materialization of it, is a source of anguish for him.

You have heard of materialization—materialization of departed spirits?

If I ever had any doubts about materialization, they're gone, now, and gone for good.

The carrying on of the materialization—the bringing it down to date.

He told me then of Babaji's materialization before the group in Moradabad.

His powers were more confined to materialization than Eglinton's, but in that he excelled.