Conjuncture [noun]

Definition of Conjuncture:

intersection, juncture

Synonyms of Conjuncture:

Opposite/Antonyms of Conjuncture:

Sentence/Example of Conjuncture:

The king's friends were divided with regard to the part which he should act in this critical conjuncture.

The present conjuncture of affairs resembles so exactly the case here put, that it seems to be a literal fulfilment of a prophecy.

It was so far a wise step, that in such a conjuncture no higher opinion could have been obtained.

At this conjuncture, four vessels arrived from the viceroy Don Garcia, and landed only a reinforcement of twenty men.

Could he be certain that some conjuncture would not occur which would bring the mysterious personage on the scene?

Several of his notes have, by a remarkable conjuncture of circumstances, which I will explain to you later, fallen into my hands.

It is impossible to mistake the meaning of this genealogy and the reason of its introduction at the present conjuncture.

Jake was the reinforcement vehemently demanded in this conjuncture.

Here is the plain assumption that such conjuncture may occur.

In such a conjuncture, dear Will, what probability is there of my doing any thing to the purpose?