Prefiguring [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Prefiguring:

The twilight seemed to prefigure the fading of the human race.

And now that she could begin to sit up it did prefigure recovery.

We must see him through some lenses—we must prefigure his immortality.

If Manuel had overheard, it was comparatively easy to prefigure his next step.

Does it not prefigure the wayward and fantastic progress of a storm-tossed life?

Nothing, certes, in nature can surpass this scene; no imagination can prefigure, no pen or pencil adequately portray it.

The most terrifying metaphors are used to prefigure the judgments which will then be executed on mankind.

Now follows a series of miraculous signs, prodigies, mad doings, which prefigure the coming destruction.

There is no trace of a capillitium, unless a few occasional threads in the wall of Tubulina prefigure such a structure.

He had tried feebly to prefigure this face, but never had his visioning approached the actual in its majestic, still beauty.