Corrective [adjective]

Definition of Corrective:

healing, curing

Synonyms of Corrective:

Opposite/Antonyms of Corrective:

Sentence/Example of Corrective:

Its increasing independence of the ostensible career makes it the organ of corrective criticism; it accumulates disturbing energy.

The only check or corrective is, constant verification by psychological and ethological laws.

But a splendid corrective came soon afterwards in the crowning naval victory of Trafalgar.

Often intellectual labor is the true antidote and corrective of this state of feeling.

The readiest and surest corrective for the excessive greed of our girls for society is to carry on the system of co-education.

Her daughter, visibly affected by the gloom of her manner, felt impelled to evoke as a corrective a more cheerful idea.

Though the vice-principal did not agree with him in regard to his corrective measures, he consented to adopt them.

If I have thrown over current French opinion, I must urge that foreign opinion has at times been a corrective.

Man's guilt and frailty have never admitted more than a partial corrective.

Education has been put forward as the great corrective—preferably industrial education.