Antidotal [adjective]

Definition of Antidotal:

healing, restorative

Synonyms of Antidotal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antidotal:

Sentence/Example of Antidotal:

The antidote to burnout isn’t necessarily working fewer hours—it’s being fully present for what matters most to you, both in your work life and personal life.

Laughter’s kind of like an antidote to stress, which weakens these systems and increases vulnerability to diseases.

McBride said that for her, running for local office was the “perfect antidote” for the toxicity of national politics.

The venture, while tiny, has gained traction as an antidote to state censorship of online information sources, especially as some governments clamped down amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Spores that don’t get the antidote die, ensuring that only offspring with specific wtf gene versions survive to pass their genes on to the next generation.

Your letters would be antidotal, and thus, by a sort of mental allopathy, beneficial.

It is curious that among the non-venomous animals the rabbit's bile is the most powerful in antidotal properties.

The knowledg of these antidotal Herbs they have learned from the Mounggoutia a kind of Ferret.

Its juices were said to be antidotal to snake poisoning, and would also cure the opium habit.

The woods might have been filled with antidotal remedies, and I have died in their midst.