Vulnerary [adjective]

Definition of Vulnerary:

healing, restorative

Synonyms of Vulnerary:

Opposite/Antonyms of Vulnerary:

Sentence/Example of Vulnerary:

It was once used to form a celebrated traumatic or vulnerary ointment and is still highly esteemed among rustic herbalists.

This preparation is stimulant and vulnerary, and is in great repute on the Continent as a cosmetic and cordial.

What are the Vulnerary Plants, the Decoctions of which is to be taken inwardly?

He believed also in the vulnerary ointment, which could cure wounds, not by application to the wound itself but to the weapon.

And the dressings may only consist of the layers of dry lint and vulnerary powder applied alternately.

A vulnerary balsam invented by Guy, of Caliac, once in great repute, but now obsolete.

It is regarded as vulnerary, and is highly esteemed by some in sprains and bruises.

They are all regarded by those who use them as detergent, diuretic, stimulant, and vulnerary.

The two gallons left in the still serve for preparing the vulnerary spirituous water.

This part of the tea is in its nature particularly serviceable in all cases where vulnerary medicines are requisite.