Remedial [adjective]

Definition of Remedial:

healing, restorative

Synonyms of Remedial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remedial:

Sentence/Example of Remedial:

And it is a process that requires time to do its remedial work, and there was no time.

The remedial measures are in each case too obvious to mention.

As an adjective, it embraces the idea of supernatural as well as remedial.

His mission was one of enquiry, and for the suggestion of remedial measures.

No other remedial means are required, much less a surgical operation.

Pythagoras also recognized the potency of music as a remedial force.

The answer will have much to do with the remedial system which I aim to teach.

We shall now be told to turn our attention to remedial legislation.

But I could fill pages with remedial recipes furnished by the horse.

ALL honor to Mr. Bergh for his remedial measures to prevent cruelty to animals.