Abut [verb]

Definition of Abut:

touch or be next to something

Synonyms of Abut:

Opposite/Antonyms of Abut:


Sentence/Example of Abut:

Godfrey Kigoye, fish farming expertAcross Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, the three countries that abut Lake Victoria, small-scale fish farming is helping boost food security and family incomes.

Howard followed him to the home that Hayward shared with his elderly parents on 106th Street abutting the clinic campus.

Where the strips abruptly meet others, or abut upon a boundary at right angles, they are sometimes called butts.

The hotels abut upon the actual sands, just as Arcachon abuts upon its shallow oyster-beds.

These veins have no side plates or wall stones, but abut without intermediate gangues at the primitive rock.

This was quite likely the first of the servants' quarters, and that east wall must abut directly against the chimney.

The street at this point is (or was) obviously supported upon a masonry substructure, upon which the houses abut.

At Abut he determined to await the arrival of another battalion before advancing further.

They frequently abut on the tympanic membrane, so that their removal without injuring it may be well-nigh impossible.

I talked abut four years' training, but even now I would send you into the arena without fear.