Additions [noun]

Definition of Additions:

process of conjoining, adding

Synonyms of Additions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Additions:

Sentence/Example of Additions:

Among the Perpendicular additions to the church last named may be noted a very beautiful oaken rood-screen.

A one-half inch eye-piece, a micrometer eye-piece, and an attachable mechanical stage are very useful additions.

In the Eighteenth Century repairs and additions were made by the celebrated Cliquot.

Buchan's force, however, was continuously obtaining additions, while Bruce was getting pinched with hunger.

With respect to future additions these are covered by the policy unless it is so drawn as to show a clear intent to exclude them.

But a difficult question arises sometimes, what additions or improvements are included?

But in the course of time the Avesta was subjected to many additions and interpretations, called the Zend, which show degeneracy.

He questioned Hadria minutely as to her course of study, approved it on the whole, suggesting alterations and additions.

He concluded by moving resolutions authorizing him to make the proposed additions to the taxes.

There is no place where, without additions to the words used, the mind can rest.