Aeronauts [noun]

Definition of Aeronauts:

person who guides aircraft, ship, or other vehicle

Synonyms of Aeronauts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aeronauts:


Sentence/Example of Aeronauts:

“Madam,” said the aeronaut addressing Miss Sallie, but looking at Barbara, who stood by her side.

I was obsessed, I suppose, by that perpetual dread of the modern aeronaut, a flash between engine and balloon.

However, he insisted, and he finally persuaded the famous aeronaut Green to take him up.

Greatly improved in construction it came into its true and important rle as the “life-belt” of the aeronaut.

On every clear day when the wind was favorable, the plucky little aeronaut was out, learning to use his new-found wings.

Why, he is a famous aeronaut; a man who spends fabulous sums of money in the construction of balloons and aeroplanes and airships.

All ready, spoke the aeronaut to Andy, as the latter reached the seat.

Appearing at the doorway he attracted the attention of the aeronaut and beckoned to him.

Not when you say you are going to leave me next month, declared the aeronaut.

Quick as a flash the hand of the aeronaut shot out for the throat of Tyrrell.