Alias [adverb]

Definition of Alias:

otherwise known as

Synonyms of Alias:

Opposite/Antonyms of Alias:


Sentence/Example of Alias:

Cowtown, Cbus, Columbus has many aliases but one thing that holds true is the acceptance and diversity of the region.

Billy Towler—alias Walleye—looked after him with an air of uncertainty.

I've asked them and their friends to come down here to headquarters for the unveiling of Black Hood, alias the Eye.

"You might spare me that 'alias, the Eye' business," Black Hood said, some of his old-time banter returning.

And up sprang the little black figure of Pizotti, alias Plornish, and the next moment he had leaped to the ice!

Widow of a workman named Pierre alias Bougival; she was usually designated by the latter name.

He was patronized by Bidault, alias Gigonnet, who advanced him capital though at heavy interest.

They were sharp-eyed, athletic-looking men, whose appearance on the island boded no good to one Craigie, alias Kemble.

We encounter continually some old acquaintance in a different attire, and under an 'alias.'

There's a mystery, but James Price, alias Pickles, 'ull unravel it.