Anagram [noun]

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In time she realized her odd plant belonged among the extreme parasites in the genus Thismia, described in 1844 and named as an anagram for English anatomist Thomas Smith.

Rahodeb is an anagram of “Deborah,” the name of Mackey’s longtime wife.

Colleville invented an anagram on Cochin's name; with his given names it made up "Cochenille."

Anagram′matism, the practice of making anagrams; Anagram′matist, a maker of anagrams.

In each pan place a group of articles or pictures which will represent in anagram the filling of a pie.

The master was Captain Roderick Ralestone, although he concealed his name in a sort of an anagram.

It happening that both had the same name, Catherine, they passed the whole afternoon in forming it into an anagram.

It is moreover a perfect anagram, in which each letter is used, and used once only.

We are told that Newton sent Leibnitz an anagram almost like this: aaaaabbbeeeeij, etc.

The Spitz-dog noses, instead of smelling Rat, would have smelt its anagram, Art.