Animalities [noun]

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Who knows whether this vital circulus of the marine animality is not the starting point of all physical circulus?

Their civilization offers the spectacle of a fine social animality.

In Rousseau or Walt Whitman it amounts to a sort of ecstatic animality that sets up as a divine illumination.

The rough jostling, the discomfort and pitilessness, the utter animality of it all,—it is hard to conceive it even inadequately.

Thus, all creatures which agree only in presenting the few distinctive marks of animality form the “Kingdom” Animalia.

It is evident that since man is descended from the animal creation he is not free from animality.

So that as regards man degrees of animality can only be differentiated to a greater or less degree.

Man is composed of matter and spirit; animality comes to its end in him, and the angel begins in him.

Was it possible that he was not incorrigibly gentle, but had in him some of that animality which she, in a sense, admired?

By soaring aloft into the serene region of spiritual ideas, a terrestrial soul can still free itself from its animality.