Annihilator [noun]

Definition of Annihilator:

a destructive agent

Synonyms of Annihilator:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annihilator:

Sentence/Example of Annihilator:

It is certain death to bedbugs, for they will never stop after they have encountered the Magic Annihilator.

He felt that he was personally the annihilator of the collective aristocracy.

I am that Snake, that Annihilator: "wherever I fasten, in a few seconds——."

It is nature as the annihilator that he lives with and glories in.

At Mr. Roumann's suggestion they all increased their hours of work on the Annihilator.

Also, if the gas is flaming, you can easily imagine what would happen to the Annihilator.

The interior of the Annihilator was brilliant with electric lights.

We will be perfectly safe in the Annihilator, and when we get to Mars I am sure you will like it there.

They were in a strange land, and the Annihilator might be the means of saving their lives.

Their disease went out of itself, and the stream from the medical fire-annihilator had never even touched it.