Antiphon [noun]

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Antiphon hastened home to tell his neighbours of his discovery and to gain assistance.

The bishops and other ministers of the church advance singing the antiphon, 'Zaccheus, make haste and come down,' etc.

Here we have a morsel of dramatic criticism on Antiphon the actor and Arbuscula the actress, which reminds one of Pepys.

You, Antiphon, would seem to suggest that happiness consists of luxury and extravagance; I hold a different creed.

Antiphon approaches Socrates in hope of drawing away his associates, and in their presence thus accosts him.

Returning to the charge at another time, this same Antiphon engaged Socrates in conversation thus.

Every one was astonished that he was ready so soon, for many have spent three hours over an antiphon of three lines.

Antiphon marks the beginning of that development, Demosthenes its consummation.

They read each the other's letter sentence by sentence, and in doleful antiphon.

Does it not escape him that Antiphon was then an alien, having suffered expulsion from the Lexiarchic list.